Friday, September 22, 2017

I will burn every relationship if need be....

I am an absolutely horrible friend. I really am. For 12 years I have been devoted to my children. I have poured every ounce of my being into being a good mom. Before that I poured all of me into being the best wife I could be. Between the two rolls there isn't much left of me. I really don't have best friends like I once did. Those bridges started the crumble when I left high school early and started working. I am a easily distracted and put all of me into what ever I am doing. I admit it, I suck as a friend. I am not going to remember to call you. I am not going to go out at night, that time is for my family.

The happiness of my husband and the safety and wellbeing of my children is more important than any friend ship I may have. It is the hard truth. They are tiny little people and he needs me to be his partner. You are a grown ass adult. I am so sorry that I offended you by not calling and being the normal soft push over of a person that I tend to be. Guess what, you were cruel to my child. You did not tell them you were sorry. You think you were right to be cruel because the world is hard and I am too soft. Guess what, that is the definition of a bully. You don't get to be an ass hole to my kid and me not do something about it.

So no. I am not going to do the normal me thing. I am not going to grovel and beg you to be my friend. Honestly I am tired. I am tired of being everything to everyone. The most important job I have is being a wife and mother. That fact that you don't get that tells me that I made the right choice in going silent.

This is truly the hardest thing in the world for me. I don't like making people sad or hurting people. It is the complete opposite of who I am. For my husband and my children I have given all of myself and will continue to do so. My family is my world. The moment you hurt one of them you were no longer apart of my family and while I forgive you I will not let something like that happen again.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Math U See manipulatives

If I see one more person asking about alternative "blocks" for Math U See. Or cutting up pieces of paper I might just cry. You can get a used set for about $40. You will spend more time explaining to your child why their blocks are different than the video. It is totally worth the cost.

SO help me people! Just buy the blocks. Yes they are $80. Yes that is a lot of money. You are using these manipulative EVERY YEAR! Just buy them. They resell for more than 50% of their value. I am now using mine for the 6th year! That is $13.33 per year in manipulatives that are being used across 3 kids. The process works. Trust it.

Also don't even get me started on breaking publisher rules on actually using the work books. They cost $40 a year. Are you seriously going to have your child write out an entire text book to save $40 so you can resell the book?? I LOVE my portfolio filled with completed Math U See work books. Yes I tried out a used copy to start with and it sucked (couldn't afford a new copy now I budget so I CAN buy new). It sucked so bad I vowed to never buy used consumable anything again.

I get saving money. My children't amazing testing scores in math tell me it is worth every penny they charge. My 6th grader just tested at a 10th grade level. I am beyond proud and I thank Dr. Demme every day!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Sometimes when we remove ourselves from a situation we look back and realize it was toxic.

To disappear

Have you ever tried to disappear? Apparently I have been trying to. We are fast approaching the 4 year anniversary of my BRCA 1 + diagnosis. Over the past year I have become a previvor. I have had a total hysterectomy to reduce my risk of ovarian cancer and a bilateral mastectomy to reduce my chanced of breast cancer. Long before I chose to have preventative surgeries I started erasing myself.

Being told there is an 80% chance of getting cancer is some seriously scary shit. I didn't consciously decide hey I should get rid of all my shit, but it happened. I got rid of my nicknacks. I got rid of things that I liked. Nothing that really meant anything or would be considered keep sake items to my children, just stuff. I don't think I wanted to burden them with what would remain of myself if I died. Not that I wanted to die but I think I was subconsciously trying to prepare for my passing and make it easier on my family.  I want them to remember me when I am gone but not by piles of possessions.

Then came my clothes. I got rid of all the things that were not practical mom life clothes. I got rid of things I didn't love. My life has been totally Konmari-ed. Yet we still have too much stuff(but that's a whole other story).

The whole time I have been trying to erase myself my husband has been desperately trying to put my in pretty things to help me feel beautiful. To help me feel like the person he knows I am and the person who is buried below the diagnosis. There I was standing at the end of the plank looking out over the sharks and he stood behind me trying to get me to put on a cute dress. I didn't fully understand it. I felt frustrated. I felt like an ugly hideous and repulsive weight.. a burden to him and those around me. Bless his heart for always trying to help dig me out of depressed funk. He has given me every tool and it is now my job to use them.

At some point it finally clicked. There is nothing like waking up. Waking up to see that you have a life. You have this moment. There is no reason to wallow in self pity and self hatred. Even though I have done all of these things to keep from getting sick, I might still get sick. Tomorrow is not a promise. All I have is this moment and I plan to use every single moment that I am blessed with to be happy.

I want to be strong for my kids. I want to laugh, smile, listen, support, encourage, and most of all cherish every second I get to spend with them. Every single day of my life is a blessing. I refuse to give up and become a big fat ball of stupid. No matter what challenge comes I plan to face it with fierce gracefulness.

My beautiful husband bought me shoes tonight. I haven't allowed myself to own more than 2 pair of shoes in such a long time. I am now the proud owner of 2 pair of dress shoes. I feel myself slowly becoming the person he deserves. The person he knows I can be. I got to spend another day with my best friend and that is the greatest gift in the whole world.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SOTW Volume 1 chapters 1-21 lap book review

Wow look at that. We did 20 chapters and I didn't even post an update. Life got a bit busy and I forgot. My children have had a lot of fun getting together with our friends and learning about the ancient world!

So you want to make your own Story of the World lap book for volume 1? You can find it here: This lovely woman saved the pdf from the person who made it then disappeared from the internet. She even has gone on to make lap books for the other volumes. I can not express how exited I am to finish volume one so we can moved on and use the lap books Brenda has put together.