Tuesday, March 15, 2016

SOTW Volume 1 chapters 1-21 lap book review

Wow look at that. We did 20 chapters and I didn't even post an update. Life got a bit busy and I forgot. My children have had a lot of fun getting together with our friends and learning about the ancient world!

So you want to make your own Story of the World lap book for volume 1? You can find it here: http://brendajohnston.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_11.html This lovely woman saved the pdf from the person who made it then disappeared from the internet. She even has gone on to make lap books for the other volumes. I can not express how exited I am to finish volume one so we can moved on and use the lap books Brenda has put together.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Hello New Year!

It is time once again to drag one's self from the clutches of the Holiday Blues.

There was such purpose over the holidays. Now it is boring old January. It is a time to spend refocusing energies on the goals of the new year. What do I want to accomplish? How do I want to live my life?

It is also a midway point in the school year. Out with what isn't working and a time to start new projects and refocus on fine tuning of skills.

Take a deep breath. Out with old toxic friendships and time to all myself a rebirth in this beautiful new year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lets Get CRAFTY!! or insane...

I started an absolutely insane project awhile ago. I was asked to make a second one and donate it to the school the kids were attending. I think I got overwhelmed by the extensive amount of work that would take not to mention the cost. There was also some fear in the whole putting it together. What if I put the pieces in the wrong spot? So like I tend to do with things I am afraid of I put it away and followed other distractions.

I decided enough was enough and that this could tie in very nicely with the kids Story of the World study. So here I am super excited about it again. Things are moving along quickly now and I can't wait to get it to a useable state.

I ordered all the felt from http://www.benziedesign.com it is so beautiful and soft! Also I absolutely love the company!

I used felt glue to hole the pieces on foe ease in sewing.

A metric pile of laminating sheets was also necessary. 

A printer had to be purchased for printing on wax paper then ironing to the felt in an attempt to cut out the pieces easier. Lets just say it is easier to just cut out one piece at a time than to go that route. I also need the printer for printing on fabric for the ocean labels and all the color 3 part cards (plus general color print use)

Don't forget the vinyl for pockets in the quiet book! I had no idea how huge this roll would be.

I laid everything out.

Then I cut some things out... and gave up

Friday I pulled everything out and spent the evening cutting, then most of the weekend cutting and glueing and sewing. 

This is where I am now! I have North and South America Sewn down.

I even have all the puzzle pieces cut out and ready to go. 

The great 3 part card fiasco. I started with just doing the continent cards, but decided all the animals needed the same color back as the continent they live on to help with clean up and organizing. I also decided they all had to be cut out at the same time so they would all be the same size. 

Then the laminating process began. I used a dot of glue on the back of each to make sure they didn't move around on the laminating sheets. 


Here they are all cut, laminated, cut again and organized. 

Now I just have to find some velcro and keep sewing. 

Story of the World Volume 1 Chapter 3&4

I finished making chapter review cards for all of our kiddos. Before anyone gets cranky about making copies each family purchased their own work book and book AND audio book. We are playing by the rules. It took forever to make cards for 7 kids when you factor in cut out, laminate, cut out, and hole punch. I hope they actually end up using these. 

 Here are our scholars busy at work.

Our lap book / binder hybrid is working out nicely. We have 3 sections. The first is lap book which I found here, followed by work sheets from the official SOTW activity book and finally the note booking pages I found here.

Everyone wrote a message and translated it into cuneiform we put our messages on scrolls made with card stock and popcivle sticks. 

For the clay we used Sculpey clay. We did learn that even though the clay seems to not be hardening follow the directions on the package for baking. We left them in for 2 hours till they finally started to burn. Future experiments revealed that while the clay doesn't feel done when you touch it, really it is. 

I decided to add a pocket to the cover to have a place to store all our creations. I just cut a piece of card stock in half and stapled around the edges.

 Here is Xander's creation, a throw back to a Nomad cave drawing.

I opted to not mummify a chicken. My husband threatened to not come home + 7 children touching raw chicken sent my germaphobic self into a twitch. So Flynn Rider took one for the team and the kids wrapped him in gauze and we called it a day.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Story of the World Volume 1 Intro, ch 1 & ch 2

Phew! We got ourselves all set up and ready to roll!

 First off we are using the text book, work book and audio book purchased through Peace Hill Press.

We then assembled a modified lap book. Why did I decide to three ring binder it?? Durability, lack of a giant stapler, greater function, and I just can't figure out how to properly get them put together.

We found our lap book pages here through the amazing blogger Brenda Johnston http://brendajohnston.blogspot.com .

Since we are using a 3 ring binder I was able to add more content. I found not booking pages AND time line cards over at Tending our Lord's Garden. http://tendingourlordsgarden.blogspot.com/p/recipes.html

The final section of our notebook is the work sheets and map work from the Story of the World Notebook. 

Story of the World Volume 1 Chapter 1: Nomads become farmers. We painted cave drawings and made satchels. We modified the satchels to be more universal so we could use them as we progress through time. They also added nicely to the kid's Halloween costumes. 

For Story of the World Volume 1 Chapter 2 we were on to Ancient Egypt. We built a model of the Nile. Looking forward to adding some pyramids, mountains and watching as the grasses grow. 

What study of Egypt is complete without building pyramids out of Lego. 

Here the kids are busy at work constructing the lap book elements, maps and note booking.

Instead of making a crown and staff for the kids Flynn Rider took one for the team and played the part of Pharaoh. Here he is rocking his pharaoh skirt made from felt.